Abbey Sloulin

abbeyI’m a local girl! Born and raised in the Yuba-Sutter area. I grew up in the small town of Robbins just south of Yuba City. I have always been involved in some sort of athletics from a very young age. Starting with gymnastics in my younger years, to being a nationally ranked collegiate athlete in Track and Field. My athletic background and passion for health and fitness has set the foundation for my ability to coach the diverse movements of CrossFit. Everything from proper running form, gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, and anything in between! I have been a CrossFit trainer since April of 2011 and I will forever be thankful for finding this amazing way of fitness. It truly changed my life! I love everything about CrossFit! I love the competition, the accountability, and the teamwork! The commradarie and community that CrossFit provides is second to none. If you don't believe me, give it a shot! You'll see what I'm talking about! My goal is to share this way of fitness, with as many people as possible. I always say that I truly believe CrossFit is for everyone, from the seasoned athlete, to the absolute beginner!

Paul Sloulin

paul2Born and raised in Yuba City, it's crazy to think almost 20 years ago I first stepped foot into the gym trying to attempt my first clean. Although I failed miserably, I was hooked ever since! Over the years, sports, fitness, and health have certainly played a large role in defining not only who I'm as an athlete, but as a person. After being introduced to CrossFit by my lovely wife Abbey aka "Head Trainer," I was definitely humbled at the lack of knowledge I had when it comes to functional training and its purpose. Gymnastics (muscle ups, bar dips, pull-ups, handstand pushups, etc), plyometrics (box jumps, broad jumps, jump roping, etc.), mobility exercises, and my favorite olympic and power lifting were just a few elements I seemed to avoid. All in all, I'm convinced Crossfit is for everyone! I've coached a wide range of athletes from people that have never touched a barbell simply looking to make a lifestyle change to very seasoned athletes looking to achieve that 500lb+ deadlift. I take pride in helping individuals perfect technique and setting new PR's. If your an early bird and love the morning, I hope to see you at my 5:15am class!

Devon Moore

devonDevon is the newest member of our coaching staff. He’s been active in CrossFit for 3 years and started coaching this year. He began CrossFit as the strength and conditioning piece to go along with his Motocross Racing. Once he started CrossFit, he decided to devote more time to training and less time to Motocross. His advice to new CrossFitters is to stretch… A lot!

Branden Bates

brandenI have been doing CrossFit for a little over two years. In that time, I have learned more from what I can't do than from what I can. Having played competitive sports throughout most of my life, I thought I knew what being "in shape" was. I was wrong. I still end up on the floor most days after a workout. My favorite thing about CrossFit is that you determine how hard you go. If the workout seems easy, push harder. And for anyone nervous or hesitant about starting, I am the poster-boy for "anyone can do it." Getting fit has never been so exciting and addicting.

Jamie Flowers

jamieI am a native Texan that arrived to California in April of 2011. I am currently active duty in the Air Force. Athletics have always been a very big part of my life. In high school I played basketball, soccer, baseball and ran track and cross country. My wife, Megan and I have two children, Hayden and Cameron. I think CrossFit is much more than just a way to get in shape and feel great about yourself. Along with getting in excellent condition and being prepared for anything that is thrown at you in your day to day life, CrossFit is a community of support and friends that are very hard to find at other training facilities.

Megan Flowers

meganBorn and raised in Austin, T,x I too relocated out to Cali in April 2011. I started CrossFit in early 2012 and have ben hooked ever since. I love pushing the limits and seeing improvement in myself and others. It’s fun to watch people accomplish their goals or overcome their fears of something. I will be helping Debi with CrossFit kids and couldn’t be happier to work with your little ones and help teach them the basics of CrossFit.

Debi Morris

debiMy name is Debi Morris and my Crossfit journey began in June of 2012. Crossfit has completely changed my life. It has helped me to become a stronger woman both inside and out. I am a third grade teacher and I have been teaching for ten years. I love kids! When I first learned about CrossFit Kids, I had only been doing CrossFit for a few months but I knew one day I would be coaching kids in CrossFit. I have had so much fun getting the CrossFit Kids program off the ground at YCCF with the amazing help from Abbey and Megan. We are doing wonderful things, teaching our kids to be active, healthy and confident in themselves. I love being a part of the incredible family at YCCF!