Billie Burns

I started crossFit about 6 months ago, I was scared to death to, but I was ready for a change, I was ready to change my body. I had been working out in the gym and had done different workout programs, I had gained over 30 pound due to thyroid and hormone imbalance, i felt lost and stuck. After 6 months of CrossFit @ YCCF  I’m seeing my body changing and all the hard work is paying off. I’m getting stronger and my body is sliming down. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will bring. I can’t tell how much of a blessing everyone is at YCCF, everyone is so friendly and they keep you motivated to keep going, I haven’t quit a WOD yet, even when I my mind is telling me Im done and I can’t go on, as my fellow CrossFiters cheering me on and pushing keeps me motivated and keeping me coming back for more…

Billie Burns 

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